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"The Great Hunger in Music, Words and Drama"

Event Date

Saturday, 12 May 2012 - 2:30pm

On Saturday afternoon next, May 12tth, at 2.30pm, Drogheda Museu, Millmount will present a very special event commemorating the effects of the Great Famine in Drogheda.The exciting initiative in music, words and dramaewill be produced by Brendan Matthews, the well known local Community Historian, who has once againuncovered much new material from his extensive researches into the subject and will use some of this material to convey the experiences of the people in the terrible and tragic time. As well as a detailed comprehensive portrait of Drogheda before and during the Great Hunger presented by Liam Reilly and Brendan himself, a variety of writings in prose and verse will complete the picture of the life the townspoeple at the time.

The highlight of the event will be a specially prepared performance by students of Our Ladys Greenhills and St Marys Diocesan Schools who will re-enact scenes from everyday life, as recorded in the contemporary media. This Collaboration with local schools is another step in implementing the museum's policy of linking with the community and it's objective of using Millmount Cultural Quarter as a community resorce.

The performance will, weather permitting, be held outdoors in the courtyard, but will be moved indoors if the elements are unkind on the day. The event will also be enhanced by a very instructive display of artefacts in common use at the time, including Famine Potsthat were used in the soup kitchens to feed the hungary. Find out what was used as the ingredients for the soup, why they were selected and wether they provided sufficent nutrition to hungary people.

The Famine Exhibition in the museum will be open on the day.  

Admission is free.